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BUCKLE Casting Basic 4 Piston Caliper Code:BCK-01A


It's a basic 、casting 4 piston caliper,carry the eco-multiple general material brake pad,suitable for daily commuty use!

Easy to get and to upgrade your brake performance!

Are you looking for a high C/P value caliper? If you are, Buckle brake is the best for you!

(Caliper carries Brake Pad and Bleeding Bolt. Oil Bolt needs to buy additionally)


Brand Index:

BUCKLE® Brake Systems provides multiple piston caliper、Push Straight Master Cylinder, etc. Give you excellent brake performance to upgrade the power over 70%. Not only provide the safty and great control for Pro-Racing or Stunt Bike but also daily use. Made by ANCHOR, quality quarantee。


BUCKLE means to knot something tight in English. We use solid parts with structure design to get the best brake movement. More safer to get the Stop as you wish.

Excenllent brake performance, better than origional ones over 70%. 「The Best Choise of Brand to upgrade the brake performance and Enjoy your ride!」


※ Strongly advice assembled in the shops to provide professional assembly and adjustment to get the best function. Further, to advoid disfunction or damage by misassemble.


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Body Color
  • ※ The original front fork all need a bracket (the corresponding bracket of the model needs to be purchased separately) / The modified front fork (Pitch) should be same as the four piston caliper

    ※ Before purchasing, please understand the Pitch postion of the corresponding caliper (left/right), installation distance/hole distance of the model you want to install

    Common Pitches / hole distances ( 40mm / 60mm / 84mm / 100mm / 108mm )

    ※ Please go to the dealers to inquire about the model and the corresponding configuration. After purchase, you cannot disassemble and assemble it by yourself (no warranty is given), and it should be installed by the car dealer (testing, warranty process)

    ※ Professional installation suggestions and adjustments should be made by the store to optimize performance and avoid failure or damage caused by wrong installation

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